Your personal savingsplan


In many cases, people pay too much for their mortgage, loans or insurances.

That is because they had insufficient insight into the possibilities when purchasing

or because it slipped in later.


But that's all over now with your personal savings plan.


Had an overly comprehensive health insurance policy and had double-insured many things with her boyfriend. Our savings plan showed that she can save € 675 per year.


The concept is very simple. It works in five steps.

Step 1. During the first meeting, we investigate what is important to you and

              collect as much financial information from you as possible.

Step 2. Our employees get to work with research and making your personal

              savings plan.

Step 3. You will receive a simple overview of your current financial situation from

              us and we will show you where you can save.

Step 4. After payment of our invoice, you will receive your personal savings plan.

Step 5. You carry out the steps according to the plan or have this done and start


What it costs?

The savings plan works on the basis of No-Cure-No-Pay.

This means that you do not have to pay us if we cannot demonstrate savings.

You pay 50% of the proven savings of the first year.

An example:

We demonstrate that you can save € 1000 per year on your loans and insurance. You pay € 500 once and receive our report.

Implement the proposals yourself, or have it done and save € 500 the first year (€ 1000 minus our fee) and thereafter € 1000 annually.



Had overpriced loans, and she didn't have funeral insurance. Our savings plan showed that she can be better insured and at the same time can save € 250 per year.


Had a expensive mortgage. And burdens where hard to bear.

Our savings plan showed that he can save nearly € 1000 annually.


Was still paying insurance for a bike he didn't own anymore. Our savings plan showed that he can save € 150 per year.